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B2B Networking at AVALON2013

Welcome to the Avalon 2013 Business to Business (B2B) Networking Program! This private networking tool provides Exhibitors and Trade Visitors with a mechanism for reaching out to each other and creating linkages and networks before, during and after Avalon 2013.

Using our B2B tool participants can search for prospective partners, customers and suppliers who’ll be attending Avalon 2013 and contact them directly, in complete privacy, to start a conversation, set up a meeting and create a business relationship.

The B2B Program is exclusively for Avalon 2013 attendees who make a direct choice to participate. Their contact details won’t be visible to anybody who is not a registered participant in the Program.

To participate in the Avalon 2013 B2B program you’ll need to register ,
even if you’re an Exhibitor or a registered Trade Visitor.

If you’re already a registered B2B participant you’ll still need to



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