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youth technology precinct

As part of the ongoing Careers & Skills program, the 2013 Australian International Airshow and Aerospace & Defence Exposition will include a "Youth Technology Precinct".

This precinct will showcase technology projects, challenges, competitions, ideas and initiatives involving young Australians.

There will be displays from students in early secondary school years through to displays by post graduates and engineers.

Youth Technology Precinct Participants

The UAV Challenge – Outback Rescue

The UAV Challenge - Outback Rescue has been developed to promote UAV's significance to Australia. The UAV Challenge is a joint initiative between the Queensland Government, the Australian Research Centre for Aerospace Automation (ARCAA, a partnership between QUT and CSIRO), Aviation Development Australia Limited and AUVS-Australia - a prime example of government, industry and research organisations working together.

UAV Airborne Delivery Challenge winners from 2012 - The Muroc Hawks

Aurora Solar Car Team

The Aurora Vehicle Association Inc. is a non-profit group of volunteers dedicated to promoting sustainable mobility.

They are regular participants in the World Solar Challenge.

RoboCup Junior

"RoboCupJunior Australia is a project-oriented educational initiative that supports local, regional and international robotic events for young students.

Teams work in a co-operative and supportive environment in three distinct challenges; Dance, Rescue and Soccer.

The focus of RoboCupJunior is the development of teamwork skills as well technical skills in an environment of participation, fun and excitement."

Team Solar Dog

Team Solar Dog is a not-for-profit organisation, designing and building a solar powered vehicle, with a mission of travelling across Antarctica from Union Glacier to the South Pole.


Robogals' core activity: our university student volunteers visit schools to introduce girls to engineering through robotics workshops, and presentations about what engineers do and the difference we make in society. Available through all our chapters in Australia, UK, USA and Japan.


BLUEsat (Basic Low-Earth-orbit University of NSW Experimental satellite) is a digital amateur radio satellite being designed by students at the University of NSW. As part of the Warrawal consortium, the BLUEsat project aims to provide undergraduate students the opportunity to experience Satellite Systems Engineering in a practical manner. The project is made up of over 30 undergraduate Engineers from the Electrical, Mechanical, Computer Science and Photovoltaic schools, with experience ranging from first year to final year thesis students.

Victorian Space Science Education Centre

The Victorian Space Science Education Centre (VSSEC) is one of three Specialist Science Centres established by the Victorian State Government. It was officially opened in 2006 by the then Victorian Treasurer, John Brumby and joined Ecolinc and GTAC in offering high quality science programs. VSSEC uses the context of space to engage teachers and students in the teaching and learning of science.

Monash Motorsport

Inspired by the original Formula SAE USA competition which commenced in 1981, Formula SAE Australasia brings together over 20 universities from around the country and pacific-region.

The program is accredited by the Society of Automotive Engineers and is run all over the world, and is recognized as the foremost 'breeding ground' for the engineers of the future.

Monash Motorsport has ended a successful 2012 by claiming 2nd place in the Formula Student rankings out of over 500 teams. This is a result of the team's recent European campaign and their most recent victory in Australia earlier in the month on top of consistent performances over the previous few years.

Victorian Model Solar Vehicle Challenge

The Model Solar Vehicle Challenge aims to provide more school students with a fun engineering experience that links the curriculum they undertake in their classrooms with a real life experience. The challenge will encourage students to participate in and subsequently become more interested in learning about science and technology that cover areas such as alternative energies and all areas of vehicle design and manufacture. Through our project, students are able to see a practical use for their studies and this has been shown to lead students on to engineering at university.

Australian Youth Aerospace Association

The Australian Youth Aerospace Association (AYAA) is a not-for-profit organisation managed by student volunteers, who have the objective of promoting education, awareness and involvement in the aerospace industry to young Australians.

AYAA hosts two major annual events, the Australian Youth Aerospace Forum (AYAF) for high school students, and the Aerospace Futures conference (AF) for undergraduate and postgraduate university students. The AYAA also operates AeroDesign which facilitates hands on aerospace projects for students.

F1 in Schools Technology Challenge

The F1 in Schools™ Technology Challenge is the world's largest secondary school technology program. It involves over nine million students from 17,000 schools in 31 nations.

The patron is Formula1™ supremo Bernie Ecclestone along with the Formula1™ teams who are co-patrons.

The 2013 Australian International Airshow and Aerospace & Defence Exposition will also be hosting the National Final of the F1 in Schools Challenge at the event on the Wednesday (27th) and Thursday (28th) February.

Space Generation Advisory Council

SGAC works on the international, national and local level to link together university students and young professionals to think creatively about international space policy issues and inject the youth point of view into international space policy creation.

High Altitude Microgravity
Experimentation Platform

This is a program that has grown out of a Final Year Undergraduate Capstone Project from the Mechanical Engineering Department at The University of Melbourne. It was a completely student-initiated project that has been undertaken by four engineering students over this last year. The goal of the High Altitude Microgravity Platform Project is to develop a reusable, easy to use and low cost system for performing experiments in microgravity conditions – the type of conditions typically experienced by astronauts in space.

RMIT University 2013 Airbus Fly Your Ideas Competition Entries

In 2013, RMIT University has successfully supported three out of the four Australian entries that have qualified for the second round of the international Airbus Fly Your Ideas Competition. ALMA, CLiMA and PIES will each present their respective innovations at the RMIT University FYI stand.

ALMA, or Affordable Liquid Methane Aircraft provide an in depth analysis for prolonged affordable growth in the aviation industry. The project will explore required infrastructure changes alongside a Life Cycle Assessment of environmental and economic benefits.

Cryogenic Liquid Methane Aircraft (CLiMA), propose a technical study into the fuel while considering aircraft system integration, costing and the environmental repercussions of employing liquid methane as an aviation fuel. Through this investigation, the team will propose an optimised aircraft configuration.

The project of Personal In-seat Entertainment System's are concerned with passenger comfort and the implementation of a smart entertainment system. This project proposes new seatback designs that exploit Reconfigurable Virtual Input Devices (RVIDs), with the primary objective of allowing passengers and airlines to realise the maximum benefit of Personal Entertainment Device based In-Flight Entertainment systems.

All teams are competing to make it to the final 5 teams worldwide in Round 3 of the competition and a chance in 30,000 Euro final prize.

Advanced Instrumentation
& Technology Centre
Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics
Australian National University
Visit Website

The Advanced Instrumentation Technology Centre (AITC) provides design, manufacturing and testing capabilities for precision instruments and opportunities for student participation in technical projects at RSAA. It is also home to a research and development program focussing on the next generation of large optical telescopes.

The AITC is creating a new national centre for the Australian space community, connecting researchers and industry partners from around the country and across the globe, and providing a state-of-the-art payload development and systems integration resource.

Ryan Campbell – Teen World Flight

In July 2013...
I intend to take off from Sydney, Australia and complete an eastbound circumnavigation - A World Record Attempt Flight Around the World.

At age 19 I will become the youngest pilot to fly solo around the world, taking the title from Swiss pilot Carlos Schmidt. Mr Schmidt completed his flight in 2012 at age 22.

While now in the planning stage of the flight we are ensuring we meet all the requirements for a true circumnavigation. By gaining the Guinness World Records certification and the FAI's Diploma of Circumnavigation we will be certain to receive the recognition of a true around the world flight.
- Ryan Campbell

Monash UAS Team

Monash UAS is Monash University's Unmanned Aerial Systems team, a group of enthusiastic students and supervisors who are working together to design, construct and fly a fully autonomous plane to undergo the Outback Rescue Challenge.

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