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corporate reception chalet

The ultimate in corporate hospitality

Intended as a facility for corporate entertainment, the Corporate Reception Chalets are located in the hospitality precinct at AVALON 2013, adjacent to the Gold Pass Enclosure.

Facing the runway, your Corporate Reception Chalet can entertain up to 40 guests (inside) in comfort, with great views of the flying display from the external courtyard. Select from a wide variety of gourmet dining options, tailor made to suit your specific preferences.

[The weekend public days flying display (Sat/Sun) will occur between (approximately) 10am and 4pm and on Friday between (approximately) 3pm and 9pm. On the industry-only trade days (Tue/Wed/Thu), the main flying displays will occur between (approximately) 4pm and 6pm, preceded at lunchtime by a condensed "show highlights" preview display.]

Internally, the Corporate Reception Chalet is a self-contained air-conditioned unit with flooring, carpet, lighting and power. Chalet access is from the west via a fully-fenced courtyard. Catering, furnishing and any internal fit-out is at the discretion of the exhibitor and at additional cost. The internal area of each single chalet unit is 50sqm (10m x 5m) and the external area of each single chalet is also 50sqm (10m x 5m). Each Corporate Reception Chalet is provided with an entrance gate sign bearing the chalet holders name and flagpole for your corporate flag. Multiple Corporate Reception Chalets are available.


  • Fit-out at discretion of Exhibitor and approval by Organisers
  • Exhibits or displays are not permitted in Chalets
  • Corporate Reception Chalet access and invitation the responsibility of the Chalet Holder
  • 40 event admission tickets supplied per single Corporate Reception Chalet per day


Internal – per single chalet

  • 5m wide Losberger Arcum clear-span, aluminium frame tentage with curved-roof profile
  • Internal space of 50 sqm per single unit
  • Fully integrated cassette timber flooring
  • Full glass wall facing the courtyard with double swinging glass doors (not sliding)
  • Internal walls (between CRC's) – solid panelling (3m high) beneath vinyl upper dividers (1m high at centre)
  • Solid external walls at the back (facing east) and at each end side wall
  • Carpet Squares – charcoal colour
  • General lighting
  • 4 x 10amp power points
  • Air-conditioned (2 x split systems per single unit) in eastern wall

External Area

  • External courtyard of 50 sqm per single unit
  • Courtyard fenced
  • Opening 1.25m wide at entrance to courtyard to each CRC
  • Access to exclusive CRC shared toilet facilities via Precinct Walkway
  • Fully integrated ply flooring
  • Marine style grade carpet to courtyard
  • Flag pole
  • 1500mm x 900mm corflute CRC holder company name

PRICE (including GST) - 6 day packages available only : AUD$62,000


Download Corporate Hospitality Brochure
Download Corporate Hospitality Order Form


Exhibitor Business Units are also available. Please view our Exhibition Products section in the Exhibition menu or click here for further information

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