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promoting industry development

The Aerospace and Defence Exposition held alongside the Australian International Airshow at Avalon is run by Aerospace Australia Limited, a not-for-profit company with a charter to promote the development of Australia's aviation and aerospace industries.

It fulfils this charter by organising the largest civil and military aviation and aerospace trade show in the southern hemisphere, at Avalon. As well as providing a showcase for Australian companies exhibiting there, the Expo and the Airshow itself are the platform for a program of conferences, workshops, seminars and events designed to provide networking, sales and business development opportunities for all industry participants.

Australia is one of the biggest aerospace markets in the region, and is undoubtedly the most technologically sophisticated. That's why Avalon attracts the cream of the world's aerospace industry. And that's where important opportunities lie for Australian companies, especially SMEs, looking to engage with potential new customers and penetrate the supply chains of the northern hemisphere prime contractors.

Avalon 2013 will see a program of industry events designed to provide networking opportunities, actionable market intelligence and maximum business value for Exhibitors, Trade Visitors and Delegations. These include:

  • Major Conferences
  • Companion Events such as Market Outlook Briefings and Industry Sector Showcases
  • Business to Business networking events.

More details will be added as the program develops.

Aerospace Australia Ltd also supports industry development by promoting careers in the aerospace and defence industries and the development of essential industry skills. Under the umbrella of its parent organisation, the Aerospace Maritime and Defence Foundation of Australia Limited, it conducts a major Careers and Skills Forum at Avalon 2013.

The Careers and Skills Forum is designed to inform educators and careers professionals of the opportunities that exist in the aviation, aerospace, maritime and defence sectors and to provide useful information concerning the training and educational pathways that are involved.

For further information regarding Industry Development please contact:

Gregor Ferguson
Executive Manager Industry Development
PO Box 4095 Geelong Victoria 3220
Telephone: 03 5282 0500 (Sydney: 02 4739 0466)
Email: gferguson@amda.com.au

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