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Aero Australia Magazine

AERO Australia was created from the long publishing relationship between Ray Berghouse and Stewart Wilson. In the early 1980s Ray and former partner Tom Floyd, now retired, published many titles written and or edited by Stewart.


Aeromag Asia



AIDN Newsletter

Every month the latest industry news and information is delivered to AIDN financial members inbox.


Asia Pacific Defence Reporter (APDR)



Asian Aviation



Asian Military Review

The Largest Circulated Defence Magazine in Asia-Pacific

Asian Military Review is an ABC audited publication that is read and discussed by most of the key decision makers and advisors to militaries in Asia-Pacific. Since 1993, it has become widely recognised as an authoritative provider of unbiased and objective information to its Asian readership comprising of military, government, industry and academia.


Australian Aviation

Australian Aviation (published by Phantom Media Pty Ltd) is Australia's largest selling, most authoritative aviation magazine, and has been since its inception in 1977. It is highly valued and respected within the aviation industry and defence community for its mix of news, regular columns and indepth feature articles.

Through its monthly magazine, weekly Express e-newsletter and website, Australian Aviation provides analysis and background, news and information for an audience of industry and military leaders and decision makers, management, professional and recreational pilots, engineers and aviation enthusiasts.


Australian Defence Business Review (ABDR)

Australia's most prestigious defence business magazine

Established as a fortnightly industry newsletter back in 1982, the publication has been continually upgraded and is now well established and highly regarded in Defence and industry circles. ADBR consistently delivers high value-added commentary and analysis of the key issues facing the Australian Defence Force, and how consideration of these issues filters down into new business opportunities for commercial enterprises.


Australian Defence Magazine



Aviation Business Asia Pacific



Contact - Air, Land and Sea

CONTACT Air Land and Sea is a high-quality, full-colour magazine that reports on the people, platforms and operations of the world's defence forces, with a particular emphasis on Australia.

CONTACT features articles written mainly by men and women who are or have been soldiers, sailors or airmen and is illustrated with top-quality photography.

It features articles of interest to today's military and military-sympathetic communities from an insider's point of view.

Rather than focus on platforms, CONTACT aims mainly to tell the stories of the people behind the hardware – in their own words.



Defence Connect is an exciting new concept for the defence industry. It empowers defence professionals to better engage with peers and colleagues while seeking new business opportunities via a central platform for listing and searching industry events and conferences world wide.


Defence Review Asia



Defence Today

DefenceToday, the foremost national defence capabilities magazine...

DefenceToday has the in-depth analysis, news and predictions about ADF combat readiness, defence industry support and defence technologies.

Our track record is unsurpassed - and DefenceToday has the content and the market reach to meet the marketing objectives of our clients.


Flight Safety

Flight Safety Australia is a free bi-monthly magazine published by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority to promote aviation safety through topical and technical, but reader-friendly, articles. Features cover all the key aviation safety issues – safety management systems, maintenance, runway safety, human factors, airspace, training, aviation medicine – and more. Each issue also includes the popular 'close calls', submitted by readers, and the quiz, with which readers can test their knowledge of flying operations and maintenance.

Flight Safety Australia has a subscription base of 88,755 (latest Australian Circulations Audit Board figures March 2012) subscribers, who are active in all aspects of aviation.



Since 1988 Helinews Asia-Pacific has grown to become Australasia's helicopter magazine of choice, and is now a must have publication in the reference library of any serious pilot or operator.

Packed with quality content, Helinews is edited by a team of pilots and journalists with decades of combined experience both in the air and on the page, with regular contributions from the local industry's leading lights. Articles cover everything from products, safety and theory, through to the people and companies that make it all happen.

Helinews is a quality quarterly publication with issues in Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer, dedicated to promoting and supporting a healthy helicopter industry.


IHS Jane's Defence Weekly

Jane's Defence Weekly employs a team of more than 40 correspondents covering 193 countries to provide you with timely, reliable news coverage and in-depth analysis of military and commercial defense activity around the world.


IHS Jane's International Defence Review

Jane's International Defence Review leverages more than 40 years of experience to bring you the latest news on defense technologies, equipment and systems for air, land and sea.


Orient Aviation

We have known it for years, but now its official. According to leading international market research company ACNielsen, Orient Aviation (OA) is by far the commercial aviation magazine of choice in its coverage of the Asia-Pacific region.

"Orient Aviation has significantly established itself as the leading commercial aviation magazine in the Asia-Pacific region. Readership penetration is as high as 97%. The magazine also leads over its rivals in regular readership (87%)," said the report in its findings.


SA Defence Business News

The Defence Teaming Centre is the peak Defence industry association in South Australia, with national capability. We facilitate the collaboration and development of teams to work together, strengthening their ability to win a larger share of Defence business locally, nationally and internationally.


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