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Every two years the Australian International Airshow and Aerospace & Defence Exposition becomes the focus of local, national and international attention.

The event attracts a total attendance in the order of 200,000 across the six days, including exhibitors from the international aerospace industry and government, military, scientific and trade delegates.

Become an Airshow sponsor and share the limelight!


Sponsorship packages are created according to your level of sponsorship and to meet your specific requirements.

The Australian International Airshow and Aerospace & Defence Exposition will again attract leading aviation, aerospace and defence professionals from Australia and around the world.


Become an Airshow sponsor and your corporate signage and flags will be highly visible throughout the site across the six days; a prominent reminder of your association with the event.

Your sponsorship will also be acknowledged via Airshow public address commentaries and your logo will appear in the Official Souvenir Program and Trade Directory along with a hyperlink from our Airshow website.

Connect with your target audience at AVALON 2013 !


AVALON 2013  will receive massive coverage on television, radio and in the print media. AVALON2011 attracted 451 media representatives from 17 countries.

Sponsorship is your opportunity to be linked to the event in a tangible way and your chance to identify and seek out the media most pertinent to you and your organisation. Our friendly Media Centre staff will happily facilitate the introductions.

From media releases, to press kits, to the filming of the official video, we aim to promote your association with the event at every possible opportunity.

Depending on the level of sponsorship and your specific requirements, benefits can include all or some of the following:

  • Rights to use the Event Logo, Event graphics and Airshow imagery in your own corporate advertising, publicity and publications

  • Inclusion of your company name and logo in Airshow promotional and advertising collateral

  • Your company name and logo at all official entrances, booths and other facilities

  • Your company flags prominently positioned throughout the Airshow site

  • Photographic and endorsement opportunities

  • Screening of your promotional corporate DVD at intervals within the exhibition pavilion

  • Acknowledgement of your sponsorship and multiple advertising
    opportunities within the Airshow public address commentary

  • Sponsorship acknowledgement in the Official Trade Directory and Official Souvenir Program

  • Complimentary advertisements in the Official Trade Directory and Official Souvenir Program

  • Recognition of your support in Airshow Media Releases

  • Acknowledgement on the Airshow website and inclusion of company hyperlink

  • VIP Invitations to Chairman's Suite and various official functions

  • Corporate hospitality and/or exhibition facilities (where applicable)

  • Complimentary pass allocation (as appropriate)

Major sponsorship can also include additional sponsorship products by arrangement.

For further information please contact our sales team via email: expo@amda.com.au



AVALON 2013 will present the most impressive line-up of flying displays ever seen over Australia.

The latest in military jets and attack helicopters will split the heavens with their high-octane displays of power and might. Vintage and veteran warbirds will roar through the skies in a series of dazzling tributes to the pioneers of aviation. Barnstormers and precision aerobatic teams will also strut their impressive stuff. Be enthralled by the sheer grace of gliders and the breathtaking agility of sports aircraft and ultralights.

Large crowds come to Avalon for this unique and highly memorable experience - so too does the local, national and international media.



Each Airshow, tens of thousands of people are drawn to the "Top Gun" Tarmac.

Typically, the "Top Gun" Tarmac plays host to the full range of current RAAF combat jets as well as the latest in heavy metal from the USA and Europe.

It is, without doubt, one of the most impressive ground displays at the event.

Among the throng of visitors are industry, military, government and media representatives.

Sponsorship of the "Top Gun" Tarmac delivers high profile exposure for your corporate signage, logos and flags.



Avalon Arena introduced an action packed program including Extreme Moto X and Monster Trucks along with four-wheel drive vehicle demonstrations and military re-enactments during the 3 day public event.

Sponsorship of the Avalon Arena guarantees your brand will be presented before a large percentage of visitors to the Airshow over the 3 public days of the event.

There are numerous sponsorship opportunities at the Arena including naming rights, corporate signage, flags, audio based adverts and announcements via the Arena's stand alone and Airshow PA systems.



The Kid's Zone offers many hands-on activities for the Airshow's younger audience.These include Paper Airplane Academy, Ride on Pedal Planes, Paint-a-Plane, Avalon Airshow custom tattoos, Face-painting and much more.

Our focus is to continue providing Aviation based activities for the very young, but this time include hands on interest for teenagers right up to the young adults in the Give it A Go area.

Your sponsorship includes naming rights for the "Give it a Go" & "Kids Zone" areas. Your name will be incorporated in the event directional signage and signage advertising in these areas. You will also have the opportunity to decorate the "Give it a Go"& "Kids Zone"walls with your company signage. Sponsorship includes your company signage to promote your brand within the "Give it a Go" & "Kids Zone" during the open periods on Public Days.



The Gold Pass enclosure has reserved grandstand seating with great views of the flying action and is a premier location for brand awareness.

Sponsorship of the Gold Pass enclosure is a golden opportunity to promote your business to ten thousand gold pass holders across the 3 public days of the event.



Establish a high profile presence at the Airshow by sponsoring the Media Centre.

AVALON2011 attracted more than 451 accredited journalists, photographers and news gatherers from 17 different countries.

Their number included media representatives from the local mainstream media (TV, Radio,Newspaper), and aviation and defence specific publications from throughout Australia and abroad.

The Media Centre is air-conditioned, fully furnished and provides journalists with a perfect environment in which to prepare, edit their reports and to network with other journalists.



Sponsorship of the Conference Centre Precinct will put your company name, logo and signage before thousands of airshow conference delegates and visitors.

The Airshow provides a number of conference rooms in close proximity to the exhibition pavilions.

Sponsor signage will be prominently displayed throughout the conference precinct which is positioned in close proximity to the main entrance and exhibition precinct.

This is an excellent opportunity to connect with a key target audience.



If your aim is to position your corporate identity before pilots and crew performing at the Airshow, sponsorship of the Aircrew Hosting Centre is for you.

Positioning your company name and logo, both inside and outside the Centre, will ensure high exposure before your target audience.



Avalon East Airfield is the main entry for general aviation aircraft and charter aircraft capable of using a grass airstrip. Hundreds of fly-ins are expected during the six days of the event.

Naming rights to Avalon East is available and if your target audience includes the owners and pilots of light aircraft, this is an opportunity you should not miss. Positioning your company name and logo, will ensure high exposure.



The Delegations Lounge will be located in prime position within the expo precinct at Avalon. It is where the most important and influential visitors to Avalon will gather throughout the event.

Signage strategically placed on the Delegations Lounge announcing that the Delegations Lounge is "Sponsored by.........." together with a full colour logo at each position.



Positioned in a high traffic area, the Internet Hub offers the convenience of internet communications to exhibitors and visitors.

Your company name will appear in and around the Internet Hub ensuring your branding is prominent and persistent.



Positioned in a high traffic area, the Exhibition Pavilion Café will be a meeting point for exhibitors and visitors.

Sponsoring this area will ensure your company branding is seen by a cross section of the Airshow visitors. This is an excellent opportunity for your business to stand out from the crowd.



Every trade visitor passes through this area. Brand this facility with your corporate signage and logo and reach tens of thousands of industry professionals.

Your company name and logo will appear on the entrance structure and the directional signage leading to the Visitor Registration Facility. Additional signage in the Trade Visitor Registration area adds to the exposure you will receive from your sponsorship.


trade visitor INVITATION

Sponsor the Trade Visitor Invitations and your logo and company name will be prominently displayed on the front cover of every Trade Visitor brochure/flyer that is produced following this option being taken up.

Trade visitor brochures/flyer are distributed by direct mail, inserts in magazines and electronically via email.



What better way to make an impression than to have your company logo on the lanyards worn daily by exhibitors and trade visitors.

This highly visible branding opportunity is one of the most sought after sponsorship packages available at the event.



Situated at strategic locations throughout the Airshow site, these "You are here" boards are constantly being utilised by both trade and public visitors to the Airshow.

Visitors to the Airshow will refer to the "You are here" boards several times throughout the day giving your company a high level of exposure.

Sponsorship of these boards offer premium exposure of your company branding on each board.

Tell your potential customers that "You Are Here".



Many high profile visitors are transported to the event via vehicles that deliver them to the VIP Car Park - a perfect branding opportunity directed at the high end of the visitor market.

Drive your business further with a sponsorship package of the VIP Car Park.

Again high exposure, to a captured audience across the trade and public days.



Every day fleets of coaches arrive at the Airshow site, as a sponsor you will have the opportunity to display your logo prominently within the coach parking precinct.

Ferrying vistors on trade and public days, enabling your brand to be exposed to thousands of people throughout the 6 day event.



These golf carts will be used by VIP's and Official Guests to get to and from the front entrance and the Exhibitor Business Units and Corporate Reception Chalet's.

Operating during the six days of the event it is a great opportunity to get your company logo prominently placed on these golf carts (maximum golf carts 6).


If you are interested in any of these sponsorship opportunities for Avalon 2013, please contact Kay McLaglen via email kmclaglen@amda.com.au or telephone +61 (0)3 5282 0502

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