A high voltage array of the latest military heavy metal takes centre stage at Airshow 2017.

See the most potent assets in our air defence arsenal strut their awesome stuff at Australia’s world famous aviation spectacular.

The theme for the event is  Air Power in Action.

Marvel as jet fighters, strike bombers and heavy lift leviathans are joined by swarms of attack helicopters, from home and abroad, for a series of breathtaking routines and simulated combat manoeuvres.

The event also features the best collection of aerobatic daredevils ever to be gathered together for an Australian air show.

Their high flying antics and precision manoeuvres promise to leave the crowd spellbound.

There will also be historic aircraft from the classic years of aviation and the most comprehensive collection of World War II aircraft ever to soar skyward at Avalon.

On the ground military re-enactment groups will turn back the pages of history.

Their lifelike recreation of famous Australian Army land battles will be enhanced by authentic period uniforms, vehicles, artillery and weaponry.

The aerospace showcase will feature the technology of tomorrow.

Hundreds of the world’s leading innovators will display their latest and most exciting aerospace, aviation and defence products and inventions.

Airshow 2017 will be the most dynamic pageant of its kind ever staged in Australia.

By any reckoning this is going to be a very special day out… the ultimate family adventure.

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