Welcome to the Aviator’s segment of the AIRSHOW 2017 website!

We hope that you find it easy to use and that it contains all the information you require to make your visit to AIRSHOW 2017 as pleasant as possible.

As in previous years, there are a number of changes being introduced for AIRSHOW 2017. They are based on your feedback from previous events, new regulatory requirements, procedures and practices used at comparable events overseas and the increasing use of computer-based systems.

The Australian International Airshow is conducted at Avalon Airport (YMAV).

For AIRSHOW 2017, Avalon Airport may be referred to as "Avalon Main" and will have one available runway, 18/36 – a sealed runway 3048 metres in length.

Operational restrictions (and pre-registration requirements) apply at Avalon Main, access to which will be limited to participating (flying and static) display aircraft only.

To facilitate light aircraft visits, a supplementary VFR (day only) Airfield (know as "Avalon East") is located adjacent to the Avalon Airport and is operational from Tuesday 28 February to Sunday 5 March (during daylight hours).

Avalon East is a day VFR Airfield adjacent to Avalon Airport.

It will be open for use by light aircraft from Tuesday 28 February to Sunday 5 March.

Avalon East enables light aircraft to fly-in without being required to pre-register (which applies to operations at Avalon Main). Arrivals and departures are available anytime (during VFR daylight hours) at Avalon East during this period. Actual hours of operation will be stated in AIPSUP and by NOTAM.

A free shuttle bus service to and from the nearby show entrance will be available on all days.

Airservices Australia will provide Air Traffic Management at AIRSHOW 2017.

The procedures for AIRSHOW 2017 have been designed to enhance overall safety and avoid unnecessary delays not withstanding the introduction of Class D airspace at Avalon.

The AIPSUP will be issued by Airservices Australia and will be available in early January 2017 from this site.

Self-briefing on the AIPSUP pre-arrival will assist you and other aviators to avoid unnecessary delays.

As with any aviation endeavour, safety is imperative.

We request that you assist us to provide the optimum operating environment by ensuring you arrive with all relevant information and by appropriate pre-planning.

Have a great visit!

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