It is not all happening in the air…

Many of the Airshow’s most remarkable attractions will be at ground level.

The event will host one of the largest scientific, engineering and technology displays ever seen in the Southern Hemisphere.

Informative and educational it will have wide appeal across arrange of age groups.

Among these “must see” exhibits are series of Australian Defence Force displays featuring the latest in air, land and sea defence equipment and innovation.

These Naval Army and Air Force displays will showcase the latest cutting-edge technologies and be a fascinating aspect of Airshow 2017.

They will be a major attraction in their own right and feature military vehicles, artillery and radar, range finding and communications technology.

Furthermore the Royal Australian Air Force will feature its Plan Jericho program in which private industry is invited to partner the development of the Air Force of the future.

Companies involved in Jericho will display their technical contributions.

For the first time ever the Airshow will host a Drone Showcase featuring the latest in remotely piloted aerial vehicles.

Drones are the fasting growing sector of aviation and the technology is expanding at a rapid rate.

The latest drones will be on display as will expects from the many different aspects of their operation.

The massive expo pavilions will house displays of more than 600 leading defence and aerospace innovators.

During the public sessions of the event many major international companies taking part will re-configure their stands to make them more educationally focused to the general public.

This will offer a unique opportunity to see the latest innovation and inventions of many of the iconic names of aerospace and defence.

The engineering and technology attractions of AIRSHOW 2017 will broaden the event’s appeal and relevance for many people.

The event will of course feature military heavy metal, combat helicopters, vintage warbirds, dazzling aerobatic and a plethora of sports, antique, experimental and classic aircraft.

There will also be military and aviation museums and a number of military re-enactment societies.

It is not all happening overhead…
there’s so much to see, learn and be fascinated by also on the ground.

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