The 2017 Australian International Air Show (the Air Show) is conducted by Aerospace Australia Limited (AAL) ABN 63 091 147 787.

As a volunteer at the Air Show you will be a member of AAL’s AirShows DownUnder Team (ASDU).

To participate as a Volunteer you agree:

  1. To undertake assessment to ascertain your suitability for a Volunteer role.
  2. To attend the relevant briefing sessions.
  3. That the right is reserved not to offer you a volunteer role or to terminate your appointment.
  4. To keep confidential information and/or materials concerning the Airshow. (Due to the nature of the work undertaken, many volunteers have been placed in a position of trust. Volunteers may be exposed, or have access to sensitive information such as company funds, personnel and volunteer information, customer records, credit management, supplier contracts, computerised information and financial information. Volunteers are reminded that revealing any type of confidential information to unauthorized persons or tampering with or altering company records and/or property is a violation of that trust which can result in disciplinary action (including termination and legal proceedings.)
  5. That you will not do anything to compromise your safety or the safety of others and you understand that there may be risks associated with providing Volunteer Services.
  6. Not to engage in any form of harassment, bullying or discrimination. It is the policy of the Air Show to provide a workplace free of harassment and to uphold State and Commonwealth laws pertaining to harassment. It is expected that all volunteers will comply with this policy.
  7. That your appointment as a Volunteer may be terminated if you do not comply with these Conditions or engage in misconduct which, in the opinion of AAL, adversely affects the interests of AAL (or any of its related bodies corporate) or the Air Show (or any of its stakeholders, sponsors or supporters).
  8. That you may be required to attend interviews before appointment or confirmation of position.
  9. To maintain a professional attitude towards volunteer work at all times.
  10. To abide by the rules, policies and procedures set in place by AAL.
  11. To consent to a routine national police check.
  12. To advise AAL immediately if, at any time prior to or during the Air Show, you have a physical or mental illness or condition which may affect your safety or well-being at the Air Show or which may affect your performance as a volunteer.
  13. If required by AAL, to provide a medical certificate from a medical practitioner as to your physical or mental condition and a professional opinion as to your medical suitability to be a volunteer at the Air Show and to perform your duties as a volunteer.

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