Welcome to the 2017 Australian International Airshow, held biennially at Avalon Airport, Geelong, Victoria.

The 2017 Australian International Airshow and Aerospace & Defence Exposition is held over six days from 28 February to 5 March.

It comprises two separate, but concurrent, principle elements:-

  • AVALON 2017 : The Australian International Airshow and Aerospace & Defence Exposition which stages the trade exposition.
    (Tuesday 28 February to Friday 3 March, 2pm)

  • AIRSHOW 2017 : The Australian International Airshow – General Public
    (Friday 3 March, 2pm – Sunday 5 March)

A major event such as the Australian International Airshow could not exist without the on-going support of an army of volunteers. This highly skilled, dedicated team comes together every two years to be a part of this exciting and rewarding event.

Our volunteers are involved in every aspect of the Airshow from looking after military air crews, helping move aircraft around the site, meeting and greeting the general public and much, much more.

Volunteers are both the public face of the event and ambassadors for our Nation. Your outstanding work, common sense and helpful nature are among our greatest assets.

Every single role is vital to the smooth running of this major community event and every single volunteer is an important member of the Airshow Team.


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