Date: Thursday 2 March 2017

Time: 0900 - 1200

Registration: This event is open to Airshow trade day visitors, exhibitors and conference delegates. Pre-registration not required.

Location: Airshow Conference Centre

The Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association of Australia is a not-for-profit organisation formed in 1949 by pilots and aircraft owners who realised the need for a united voice in Australia when lobbying governing and regulatory bodies in relation to legislation and costs associated with aviation.

AOPA Australia exists as a unified voice for pilots and aircraft owners, providing industry leadership and advocacy.

AOPA is committed to the service of its membership and their many and varied interests in Australian aviation.

AOPA Australia is a member of the international AOPA alliance and members from AOPA USA, AOPA NZ and AOPA China have been invited to attend "Pacific Dialogue" to discuss and confront issues of current concern.

For further information:
Mr Benjamin Morgan
Chief Executive Officer AOPA
Email: ben.morgan@aopa.com.au

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