Date: Thursday 2 March 2017

Time: 0900 - 1200

Registration: Open to all exhibitors, trade day, visitors, industry stake holders, media and invited guests. Pre-registration not required.

Location: Airshow Conference Centre

Although best known for the convening of a biennial Safeskies Conference and dinner, Safeskies has an on-going role as an informal safety facilitator for all stakeholders and sectors of the Australian aviation industry.

As a non-partisan, independent not-for-profit body, Safeskies fulfils an important role in facilitating the exchange of information and opinions between agencies and organisations in all matters to do with aviation safety.

Safeskies can also provide independent commentary and advice on all aviation safety matters. This seminar is an important opportunity for Safeskies to provide all interested aviation stakeholders with an overview of current safety issues confronting the industry.


Doug Nancarrow, Executive Chairman, Safeskies Australia.
0910 - 0955
Stephen Angus, Executive General Manager Air Navigation Services, Airservices Australia

The safety benefits of the new CMATS system.

1005 - 1055
SQNLDR Shannon ‘Bird’ Kennedy - XO 6SQN
Flying fast jets safely.
1105 - 1150
Michael Linke and Katie Jenkins, Recreational Aviation Australia
What makes a successful SMS; The human impact of fatal and serious accidents.


For further information:
Sue Perakovic
Executive Secretary Safeskies Australia
Email: office@safeskiesaustralia.org

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