pre-trade show workshop

Develop your overall trade show management and presentation skills long before the moment of truth!

This interactive course is designed to assist your business in extracting maximum value from your performance at trade shows, events and exhibitions. It will provide you with proven strategies designed to enrich your understanding and enhance your company's success rate at industry events.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to;

Trade Show Strategy & Planning:

  • Identify the realistic outcomes to expect from a Trade Show.
  • Define and set realistic goals and objectives for the Trade Show.
  • Develop a robust end-to-end Trade Show execution plan.
  • Discover the need to secure advance appointments, and how to approach this.
  • Demonstrate the appropriate approach to a Trade Show, and evaluate whether to invest in a physical presence (stand) or not.

Trade Show Execution:

  • Deliver a successful presentation or pitch, within or outside the Trade Show environment.
  • Plan, draft, and present your company Value Proposition and Elevator Pitches.
  • Discover the importance of creating a good first impression.
  • Apply the techniques for following-up after a show and evaluating your overall performance.


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