A special invitation is extended to "Aerospace Student Professionals" to attend, as Accredited Trade Visitors, for one-day only and at nil cost, on either the Trade Day of Tuesday 26 February, Wednesday 27 February or Thursday 28 February 2019.

An "Aerospace Student Professional" is defined as any Undergraduate and Postgraduate University, or TAFE student undertaking tertiary courses throughout Australia in aerospace engineering, aviation sciences or technology, or management, who shows a keen interest in pursing a career in the Aerospace, Aviation, Defence or related high technology industries.

Undergraduates who take up this invitation will be formally accredited as an "Aerospace Student Professional". This will include the issue of a distinctive badge to assist Exhibitors to identify them from other Trade Visitors.

The process to seek accreditation as an "Aerospace Student Professional" for a nominated Trade Day has been developed by Aerospace Australia Limited and the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS), with assistance from Engineers Australia. Full details of this application and accreditation process are available from the Royal Aeronautical Society - Australian Division website at – simply go to the dedicated airshow page. This accreditation process is being managed through the Melbourne Branch of the Australian Division.

This program is particularly directed at those students who are in their final years of professional study, prior to joining the aviation and aerospace workforce.

Subject to all accreditation requirements being met, this admission will provide "aerospace student professionals" with a unique self-education opportunity. This also includes access to pre-reading material (via selected website links). Additionally, accredited "aerospace student professionals" will be able to attend, at no charge, some of the conferences, symposiums or forums being conducted at Avalon on the nominated Trade Day, subject to availability as determined by the conference manager.