Due to scheduled Regular Passenger Transport aircraft and the large number of aircraft on static display to support the two main themes of the Airshow, Charter Operations to Avalon Airport will be severely restricted between 26 February - 3 March 2019.

Charter aircraft carrying exhibitor sponsored passengers will be accepted into Avalon Main from Tuesday 26 February – Thursday 3 March 2019. Operators should register online or contact Aircraft Operations at to obtain permission.

For the Public Days, Friday 1 March– Sunday 3 March 2019, charter flights in aircraft above 5,700kg may be accepted into Avalon Main with PRIOR PERMISSION and will be subject to specific conditions.

For charter aircraft with an operating weight below 5700kgs and with the ability to land and take-off from a temporary landing strip, a Charter Terminal will be in operation at Avalon East. A regular bus shuttle service will operate between Avalon East and the Airshow site throughout the day to transfer charter passengers. Pilots/Operators should refer to the Avalon East segment of this web-site for further information on operating from this temporary landing site.

For further information and enquiries please contact Aircraft Operations Administration on (03) 5282 0525 or e-mail: