All aircraft operating in Avalon Airport (YMAV) must resister regardless of whether they are part of the Australian International Airshow or not.

The following link will take you to the Aircraft Registration site:


If your desired slot is not available or if you have any issues with the registration process please contact

Aircraft Security
Participating aircraft will be on static display at the Airshow for public inspection.

Aircraft will be fenced or barricaded with Airshow marshals patrolling static display areas when the event is open to the public. Uniformed security guards will provide an overnight patrol service. Owing to the substantial numbers of military and foreign aircraft that will be participating, enhanced security procedures will also be in place at Avalon during the event.
Aircraft Static Displays – Parking Areas
Participating aircraft will be parked in designated static display areas including one hard standing to cater for aircraft with special requirements such as jet aircraft and aircraft with high tyre pressures etc. Details of allocated parking areas will be advised after registration.
Aircraft Tie-Downs
Owners of light-weight participating aircraft will be responsible for providing pickets and ropes and for securing their aircraft once positioned for static display. Picket sets should include six or eight steel stakes, three or four crossover tubes, a suitable mallet and ropes of appropriate length. Tie down ropes need to resist a pull of around 1400kgs (3000lbs). Nylon or Dacron rope is preferred to Manila rope. Use an anti-slip knot like a bowline ‘figure eight’ or ‘round turn and two half hitches’. Do not use reef knots because they are unreliable, particularly for synthetic rope.

Concours d’Elegance
Many superbly presented aircraft representing the wide spectrum of civil and military types will be on display at the Australian International Airshow 2019 . As well as being on display to the public, these aircraft will compete with each other in Concours d’Elegance events, civil and military, for trophies and the honour of being judged “Best Aircraft in the Class”. All participating aircraft will be automatically entered in the Concours d’Elegance events. Significant prizes will be awarded in various categories.

All display aircraft will be judged according to their classification of type, role and usage. Military aircraft will be judged in four groups ranging from the latest fast combat jets, helicopters and propeller aircraft of all sizes, through to the heaviest transport aircraft. The ultimate award for the military is the trophy for the best overall military aircraft to be presented by the Chief of Air Force. Civil aircraft will be judged in the following classes: General Aviation; Sport & Recreational; Warbirds and ex-military; Vintage aircraft and Gliders. Winners of the civil Concours d’Elegance will be announced at an awards ceremony on the Saturday night with the winning aircraft being exhibited for all to see on Sunday, the last day of the Airshow. Winners of the military Concours d’Elegance will be announced at an awards ceremony on the Sunday night.