The Airshow 2019 Friday flying displays and Night Alight Airshow is about to blast off from 2pm, offering action packed aerial excitement for the whole family.

Patrons are asked to plan ahead for forecast hot weather and dress appropriately. Long sleeves, hat and sunscreen are recommended. Be sure to keep hydrated with water at all times and take a break in the shade where possible; water is available throughout the Airshow. Parents are reminded that children are highly susceptible to heat stress. If you feel unwell please go to a First Aid Post or contact a member of the Airshow staff.

Airshow 2019 has installed extra cool water drinking fountains, shade areas, spray misters and rest areas for the elderly and people with disabilities to ensure everyone has a great Airshow.


Experience the thrills and excitement of the Friday night time air show.

Be there as the sky explodes in a spectacular display of cascading sparks and pyrotechnics.

It is the Airshow like you have never seen it before.

Overhead the warplanes gather for a totally unforgettable series of high energy flying displays against the setting sun.

The action is pulsating and fever pitched and reaches it crescendo with the amazing wall of fire.

The Airshow’s Night Alight pageant… once experienced never forgotten.