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AVALON 2019 Trade Visitor Registration, Paid and Complimentary Conference Selection and Club Aerospace bookings (including trade day ticket purchase).

Join us for AVALON 2019!

The industry-only trade and conference sessions of AVALON 2019 are Tuesday 26 February, Wednesday 27 February, Thursday 28 February and until 1400 on Friday 1 March. These industry-only trade and conference sessions are reserved for those with a professional, defence, governmental agency, business, academic, scientific, operational or response involvement in aviation, aerospace and defence related government and industry sectors. The event is not open to the general public during these dates and times.

A trade day ticket fee of $68 per person per day is applicable for entry to the industry-only trade and conference sessions of AVALON 2019. Payment is taken as a part of this registration process. You will be issued with an e-receipt on completion of this process which you will need to bring with you on the first day you attend the event.

All attending Defence personnel with current Defence ID are also requested to register here for the event and will be given complimentary entry as a trade visitor on Tuesday 26 February, Wednesday 27 February, Thursday 28 February and until 1200 (not 1400) on Friday 1 March. Defence personnel are requested to wear their military uniform (where applicable) and present their Defence ID on entry to the site. This process also applies to foreign military.

Trade visitor badges will be issued at the venue, after arrival, on satisfactory completion of the accreditation process to confirm eligibility as a trade visitor. Accreditation may be requested by our trade registration staff and may include qualification as an industry executive, government official or defence professional. It may also require evidence of government-service ID or corporate/industry affiliation. Conditions of entry also apply (click here to view).

Trade visitor badges once issued will be valid for entry only from Tuesday 26 February through to Thursday 28 February 2019 between 0900 and 1800 and on Friday 1 March 2019  between 0900 and 1400 only. Trade Visitor badges will be barcoded and scanned and will only allow access through the main entrance gates for the trade day sessions you have paid admission for. A car parking fee of $10 is also applicable to those attending on Friday 1 March and payment for this is made on the day when entering the car park.

No person under the age of 16 years will be admitted to the industry-only trade and conference sessions of AVALON 2019 and a dress code applies. Appropriate business attire or applicable uniform is required. Official photographic (passport, drivers license etc.) is necessary and must be carried with you at all times while attending the industry-only trade and conference sessions of AVALON 2019.

Please note that for security purposes, your information may be provided to relevant authorities.

Registrations and payment for the associated paid conference program and invite acceptance of complimentary conference sessions at AVALON 2019 can be made at the CONFERENCE SELECTION steps of this registration process. Please note that your expression of interest for any of the complimentary conference sessions held at AVALON 2019 does not guarantee you a place. Numbers at AVALON 2019 complimentary conferences are limited and spaces are not guaranteed. Attendance is subject to availability and is on a first come, first served basis.

Registrations and payment for Club Aerospace on Tuesday 26 February, Wednesday 27 February, Thursday 28 February and Friday 1 March can be made at the CLUB AEROSPACE step of this registration process.

Exhibitors seeking exhibitor badges for AVALON 2019 must register via the Exhibitor Online Manual and do not need to register as part of this process. Please contact our sales team if you require further information on exhibitor badges

Registration and trade day ticket purchase will also be available onsite during the trade days of AVALON 2019. However, we recommend you register now to expedite the onsite process.

We look forward to welcoming you to AVALON 2019, Tuesday 26 February through to 1400 Friday 1 March. 

Should you have any queries in regards to this registration process, please contact