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18 February 2019

The Russian Roolettes

High energy aerobatic team the Russian Roolettes will make its long-awaited debut at the Australian International Airshow in March.

This visually thrilling six ship routine comprises Russian YAK-52 and Chinese Nanchung Cj6 aircraft.

Despite its name, the Roolettes is actually based at Mittagong NSW.

Most of the team members are ex-RAAF and have flown a variety of aircraft including jet fighters, helicopters and heavy lift military aircraft.

The YAK-52s flown by the troupe are a late model variant of the famous YAK-18 trainer produced in their thousands for the Soviet Air Force from the 1950s onwards.

The aircraft is powered by a 268 KW (360 HP) nine-cylinder radial engine.

Combined with a light air frame it makes the YAK highly agile and extremely manoeuvrable…. important qualities for aerobatic performances.

The Nanchung Cj6 is also based on the YAK-18.

In fact, the aircraft are so similar they are often mistaken for one another.

The Russian Roolettes will present a high energy precision display involving all six aircraft.

The group is among the many world class aerobatic acts taking part in AIRSHOW 2019.

They will come from throughout Australia, Europe and Scandinavia.

Like the barnstormers of old these modern-day daredevils will present a series of totally unforgettable death-defying feats.

AIRSHOW 2019 will be held at Avalon Airport 1 – 3 March.

For more information, please contact Tom Bennett 0428 570 002 or

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18 February 2019

Night Alight set to flame at AIRSHOW

The Airshow’s night of nights, the visually stunning Night Alight pageant, returns bigger and brighter than ever.

Gold Pass Holders can enter from 9am, whilst gates open for General Admission at 2pm on Friday 1st March with the flying display action beginning at 3pm.

As afternoon fades into evening this unique event comes into its own.

Showers of sparks shoot from the wing tips of aircraft performing death-defying precision aerobatics.

Fuselage mounted laser lights pierce the darkening sky.

Brilliant pyrotechnics light up the night sky as they explode in a kaleidoscope of brilliance and colour.

Modern military jets perform simulated combat maneuvers including strafing and bombing runs along the runway, explosions ring out and huge sheets of flame shoot skyward.

Swarms of Army and Navy helicopters joint the fray and vintage warbirds add to the colour and noise as Night Alight reaches it crescendo.

An iconic AIRSHOW attraction, the massive Wall of Fire, then erupts along the length of the runway.

The thrust of the blast and the radiated heat marks an explosive climax to a series of mock bombing runs, staged by a number of assorted aircraft, above the runway.

The Night Alight Spectacular, Friday 1st March.

For more information, please contact Tom Bennett 0428 570 002 or

For Print Media quality photo, please contact Laura Lane via

15 February 2019

The Legendary Gooney Bird

One of the most serviceable military aircraft ever produced, the mighty C-47 Gooney Bird, will make an encore visit to Avalon for AIRSHOW 2019.

The aircraft in question, nick-named Spooky, is owned and operated by former RAAF and commercial pilot Jeff Trappett.

It was delivered to the United States Air Force in February 1945 and immediately transferred to the Royal Australian Air Force who used it in the Pacific Campaign against the Japanese.

After the War it was sold into private hands and was eventually purchased by Mr Trappett in 1993.

The C-47 Skytrain is a military transport (personnel and supplies) based on the popular DC-3 airliner of the 1930s.

It was used extensively by the Allies during World War Two.

More than 10,000 aircraft were made between 1943 and 1945 at factories in Long Beach and Santa Monica California and in Oklahoma City.

The C-47 was vital to the success of many Allied campaigns in particular those at Guadalcanal, New Guinea and Burma.

It was also used to tow gliders and drop paratroops during the invasion of Sicily.

On D-Day these aircraft dropped more than 50,000 paratroopers into Normandy.

At War’s end C-47s were used to ferry vital supplies during the Berlin airlift.

This durable aircraft was flown by the United States Air Force’s 6th Special Operations Squadron as late as 2008.

During World War Two the C-47 earned the general nick name “gooney bird”.

It comes from the fact that the C-47 was the first aircraft to land on Midway Island home to a long-nosed albatross known as the gooney bird.

The Australian International Airshow will be held 26 February to 3 March at Avalon Airport. The first three days are open only to the trade and event is open to the public 1 – 3 March.

For more information, please contact Tom Bennett 0428 570 002 or

For a newsprint quality photo of Jeff Trappett’s C-47 Spooky contact Laura Lane via

14 February 2019

Air Bandits

Lithuanian marvel Jurgis Kairys will bring his new aerobatic team the Air Bandits to Avalon for the Australian International Airshow 2019.

Kairys will fly in lead position in his handmade Juka high performance aircraft while will the remainder of the troupe will be at the controls of impressive Yak 50s.

Kairys is among the masters of the international aerobatic circuit and is a winner of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) World Grand Prix.

He pioneered many of the spectacular manoeuvres upon which modern aerobatics is judged.

He is also a two times World Freestyle Aerobatics Champion and has been a major attraction on the world air show circuity for 30 years.

Kairys pioneered the freewheeling style of high energy aerobatics we see today and invented such breath-taking manoeuvres as the “Slide Pass”, “Kairys Wheel”, “The Small Loop” and was the first to perform the “Cobra” in a propeller aircraft.

The Air Bandits will be a major highlight of AIRSHOW 2019 and promises a breath-taking and highly memorable display.

The group specialises in a series of high-energy, heart-stopping routines and has established a world wide reputation for its precision flying.

Its amazing aerial antics will startle and captivate. They will leave their awe-struck audiences in wonderment as to how they do what they do!

The Air Bandits is one of nine world-class aerobatic acts performing at AIRSHOW 2019.

Like the barnstormers of old they will amaze with their breath-taking feats.

The Australian International Airshow has scheduled public sessions on the afternoon of Friday 1st March and then all day Saturday and Sunday.

For more information, please contact Tom Bennett 0428 570 002 or

For a newsprint quality photo of Kairys contact Laura Lane via

25 January 2019

The DroneZone Returns

Aviation’s fastest growing sector will make an encore appearance at AIRSHOW 2019.

It follows the staging of the highly successful Drone Showcase, see for the first time, Australia’s premier aerospace event will feature the latest from the world of UAV’s.

Experts from more than twenty companies involved in the manufacture, selling, financing and insuring of drones will be on hand to explain the latest technologies and applications of remotely piloted aircraft.

Once solely a military tool, drones are now employed by a wide range of emergency service and commercial users and private enthusiasts.

Real estate photography, agriculture traffic management, search and rescue operations, surveillance and disaster assessment are among the many uses for the modern, light weight, remotely piloted vehicle.

Drones of all types and specifications will be on display at the Drone Showcase in the DroneZone DownUnder at Airshow 2019.

This dedicated space will include a live drone demonstration area, an exhibition hall for manufacturers and resellers, and theatrettes with expert presentations.

It will be situated in the special drone display area to the east of the main runway and north of the  the exhibition pavilions.

Drone usage at the Airshow will be in accordance with strict safety parameters.

As well as the demonstrations and displays the Australian Association of Unmanned Systems (AAUS) will also host a major conference on drone usage and implications at the Avalon-based event.

The Australian International Airshow 2019 will be staged at Avalon Airport between the 26 February and 3 March. The Drone Showcase will be open on the public days 1 – 3 March

For more information, please contact Tom Bennett 0428 570 002 or

24 January 2019


One of the most durable warplanes ever built, the amazing F/A-18A Hornet will strut its awesome power and combat agility at AIRSHOW 2019.

The Hornet is a multi-role fighter aircraft capable of a variety of air-to-air and air-to-ground missions.

It can reach speeds of Mach 1.8 or 2,200 kilometers an hour and carries a potent arsenal of rockets, missiles, laser-guided bombs and 20mm cannon rounds.

At Avalon, Hornets will perform a range of precision high speed displays and simulated combat manoeuvres.

Australia’s fleet of 71 Hornets is based at RAAF base Williamtown NSW and Tindal base in the NT.

They have recently been given a major electronics upgrade that will extend their life a further ten years.

Improvements include helmet mounted cueing systems, heads up displays, on board combat computers, radar and infra-red sensing and targeting systems and electronic warfare self protection systems.

In recent months Australia’s F/A-18As have taken part in a number of important defence exercises with the air forces of overseas countries including the United States and Malaysia.

The Hornets will form part of the large Royal Australian Air Force contingent taking part in Airshow 2019.

Other RAAF assets coming to Avalon include the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, The Super Hornet and the Hawk lead in jet fighter. The Growler and Wedgetail will also be there as will heavy lift aircraft the C-17A Globemaster III, the C-130J Hercules and the C-27J Spartan.

The Australian International Airshow 2019 will be staged at Avalon Airport Tuesday 26th February and Sunday 3 March. Public days are on the afternoon of Friday 1st and then all day Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd March.

For more information contact Tom Bennett 0428 570 002 or

22 January 2019


Swarms of combat helicopters will join the fray at the Australian International Airshow 2019.

Among them are examples of many of the rotary winged warriors employed by the Australian Army and Royal Australian Navy. 

A star performer is the ARH Tiger, one of the world’s most advanced armed reconnaissance helicopters.

The Tiger boasts cutting edge technology and an integrated suite of sensors and weapons systems.

It carries Hellfire II laser guided missiles and a 30mm nose mounted cannon that can unleash 750 rounds per minute.

The Army's newest helicopter, the MRH 90 will also be put through its paces.

It is the fastest helicopter in the Australian fleet and carries troops and cargo.

The Royal Australian Navy air wing will also be there in force.

Its newest anti-submarine, anti-surface vessel warfare helicopter, the MR60R Seahawk Romeo will also take part in the flying display.

It boasts a sophisticated suite of sensors and weapons systems including air to surface missiles, anti-submarine torpedos and a machine gun.

When not in attack configuration the Seahawk can also be used for rescue, troop supply, personal transport and medical evacuation.

Also strutting their high tech stuff at Avalon will be the Navy’s Bell 429 Global Ranger, MRH-90 Taipan and EC-135T2+ helicopters.

The Australian International Airshow 2019 has scheduled public sessions on the afternoon of Friday 1st and then all day Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd March.

For more information contact Tom Bennett 0428 570 002 or

21 January 2019


One of the up and coming stars of the Australian aerobatic scene, Paul Andronicou, will make his Avalon debut in March.

Andronicou flies a high performance Extra 330SC the same aircraft as flown by many of the world‘s leading high precision aerobatic performers.

At Airshow 2019 he will perform high speed rolls among a series of other spectacular and breath-taking gyroscopic manoeuvres.

Aviation is in Andronicou’s DNA.

He caught the flying bug early in life while reading Biggles books as a child.

By age 17 he was a licenced pilot and a few years later began his aerobatics career.

He took up competitive aerobatics in the early 1990's.

Since then Andronicou has forged an enviable reputation flying in many state and national championship events and a number of prestigious competitions overseas.

He has competed internationally in New Zealand, USA, Italy, South Africa and Hungary.

He has gained valuable experience at the controls of a number of aerobatic aircraft types including Pitts, Laser, Extra, Sukhoi, Giles and MX..

Paul Andronicou won his first Australian Freestyle Aerobatics Title in 2011.

His high energy performances have left audiences throughout the country spellbound.

Paul Andronicou is one of many world class aerobatic acts performing at the Australian International Airshow 2019.

The event will be held at Avalon Airport 26 February -3 March. The first three and a half days are reserved solely for trade visitors.

Gates open to the public on the Friday afternoon and all-day Saturday and Sunday.

For more information contact Tom Bennett 0428 570 002 or

19 December 2018


A faithfully restored Hudson bomber will be among the many classic warbirds to grace the skies at AIRSHOW 2019.

The aircraft, a veteran of the war in the Pacific, is the last of her famous line still capable of flight.

The old Hudson has a proud history of service.

It was manufactured in the United States and was delivered to Royal Australian Air Force on the 5th December 1941, two days before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour. Among its first war time duties was to search for Japanese submarines off the coast of Western Australia in the months after the sinking of HMAS Sydney.

It then served for a brief period with No.32 Squadron off the East coast of Australia. Later it operated out of Milne Bay (PNG) carrying out a number of bombing, armed reconnaissance and patrol missions.

War’s end saw the versatile Hudson involved in survey work for the RAAF.

Hudsons saw service with the air forces of many nations including Britain and the USA. All up 2,941 were built of which 247 were operated by the RAAF.

Hudson bombers notched up a series of memorable firsts during their wartime service

  • On 8th October 1939, over Jutland, a RAF Hudson became the first British aircraft to shoot down a German warplane in WWII
  • On 7th December 1941, an Australian RAAF Hudson became the first allied aircraft to attack and sink a Japanese warship (“Awajisan Maru” off Kota Bharu)
  • On 1st March 1942 a USAAF Hudson became the first allied aircraft to sink a German submarine.(U-656 off Newfoundland)

Now, 73 years after she first flew into battle, this grand old warhorse will soar skyward again.

At Avalon the classic bomber will take part in a series of flying displays and also be available for inspection on the ground.

It is owned by Temora Aviation Museum which operates it in tribute to the Hudson crews of World War Two.

The Australian International Airshow 2019 will be open to the public Friday afternoon (from 2pm), Saturday and Sunday 1-3 March.

For more information contact Tom Bennett (03) 5282 0503 or

19 December 2018


The Royal Australian Air Force’s new electronic attack aircraft, the EA 18G Growler, is one of the stars of the show at AIRSHOW 2019.

Currently twelve such aircraft are being acquired by the Royal Australian Air Force.

By any criteria the Growler is a vital and outstanding addition to our defence arsenal.

The Growler is fitted with state-of-the-art technology that allows it to jam enemy radar and communications systems.

It effectively disrupts, deceives and denies a broad range of electronic systems and in doing so reduces the risk to our forces and vastly improves situational awareness.

Regardless of the mission, the Growler can provide vital protection to our air, land and sea assets.

It will be able to support a wide range of operations, from peacetime evacuations to major conflicts.

The aircraft is based on the F/A-18F Super Hornet airframe.

It is fitted with additional avionics, enhanced radio frequency receivers, improved communications gear and ALQ radio-frequency jamming pods.

The Growler is a powerful defence asset and will provide a complementary capability to the Super Hornet and the F-35A Joint Strike Fighter aircraft.

See this amazing aircraft at the Australian International Airshow 2019, staged 26 February – 3 March.

The Australian International Airshow 2019 will be open to the public Friday afternoon (from 2pm), Saturday and Sunday 1-3 March.

For more information contact Tom Bennett (03) 5282 0503 or

14 December 2018


Like the barnstormers of old…

National aerobatics champion Paul Bennet will return to Avalon in March with one of the most thrilling routines ever seen at an Australian Airshow.

His SkyAces precision flying team dazzled crowds with its breathtaking performances at its debut appearance in 2017.

The SkyAces is Australia’s only high performance civilian aerobatic team and comprises some of Australia’s finest aerobatic pilots.

We are privileged that Paul Bennet Airshows will debut the Four Ship SkyAces Display at AIRSHOW 2019.

The SkyAces will demonstrate absolute precision whilst doing formation loops and rolls less than two meters apart!

This highly skillful display will also feature head to head passes just metres from the ground.

Smoke effects will add to the drama and help create what is called “the unforgettable SkyAces experience”.

Paul Bennett said he is delighted to again be a part of the nation’s premier aviation event.

“The SkyAces has been a hit overseas and now we are excited to bring the team back home to Australia’s largest air show,” he said.

“There is no crowd like Avalon”.

The SkyAces will be one of a number of world class aerobatic acts at Airshow 2019.

Other barnstorming performers will come from far afield, including the United States and Europe.

The Australian International Airshow 2019 will be open to the public Friday afternoon (from 2pm), Saturday and Sunday 1-3 March.

For more information contact Tom Bennett (03) 5282 0503 or

5 November 2018


The most durable warplane ever built, the giant B-52 Stratofortress, will play a key role in the Australian International Airshow 2019.

Two of the classic bombers will participate in the event.

One will take part in the flying displays while the other will be on static display for those wanting to get up close and personal with this legendary aircraft.

Its massive swept back wings and long sleek fuselage make the B-52 one of the most highly recognizable aircraft of all time; it is truly an icon of aviation design.

These leviathans of the sky have an amazing history of longevity and service unrivaled in military aviation.

Design work began in 1946 and the first prototype made it maiden flight in 1952.

Between 1954 and 1963 the United States Air Force took delivery of 742 of these elegant high altitude bombers.

They were nuclear capable and built as a front line deterrent during the Cold War era.

B-52s have seen action in many wars and conflicts.

During the Vietnam War B-52s flew hundreds of missions; the aircraft also served with distinction in the Gulf War and in Afghanistan.

The US Global Strike Command currently has 58 Stratofortresses on its active list and another 18 in reserve.

It is expected B-52s will remain in service until 2045, almost a century after they first rolled off the Boeing production line.

The mighty Stratofortress rightfully carries legend status.

The B-52 will be just a part of a large and highly impressive United States contingent scheduled to appear at the Avalon-based event.

The Australian International Airshow 2019 will be open to the public Friday afternoon (from 2pm), Saturday and Sunday 1-3 March.

For more information contact Tom Bennett (03) 5282 0503 or

25 October 2018


The world’s two most potent warplanes will lead the cavalcade of military heavy metal at AIRSHOW 2019.

Both the F-35 Strike Fighter and the F-22 Raptor will perform high energy, simulated combat manoeuvres and also be on static display.

The F-35 is the latest addition to Australia’s airborne arsenal.

It is the world’s most advanced military aircraft and is capable of supersonic flight while retaining stealth.

It has extraordinary acceleration, agility and 9G manoeuvrability.

This state-of-the-art combat aircraft is also able to employ a wide range of air to surface and air to air weapons.

The Raptor, from the United States, also boasts an impressive design profile.

In terms of speed, manoeuvrability, stealthiness and its ability to strike the enemy this $400-million jet fighter is an awesome defence asset.

The aircraft’s shape and the use of radar absorbent materials make it difficult to detect and track by radar.

It is also designed to have low radio, heat and noise emissions and is difficult to see with the naked eye.

The aircraft is powered by two massive Pratt and Whitney turbofans that generate more than 15,000 kilograms of thrust each.

Impressively the F-22 can “supercruise” at almost twice the speed of sound without engaging its after burners.

The F-22s will be just a part of a large and highly impressive United States contingent at the Avalon-based event.

The Australian International Airshow 2019 will be open to the public Friday afternoon (from 2pm), Saturday and Sunday 1-3 March.

For more information contact Tom Bennett (03) 5282 0503 or