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The Australian International Airshow and Aerospace & Defence Exposition is a dynamic event for a dynamic region.

Regional economies are growing at a dramatic rate and demand for commercial and defence-related aviation and aerospace technology has never been greater.

As the world's only island continent, Australia bridges both the Pacific and Indian Oceans. It is strategically located on the south-east Asian rim and is a large and technologically-advanced market in its own right and a major economic and military power within the region.

For more than a century, Australia has helped play a leading and influential role in the development of the region’s aviation and aerospace community. Its vast distances have driven the development of sophisticated national and international airline networks, along with extensive regional and business aviation services.

With the expected easing of restrictions as the world recovers from the COVID pandemic, most of the world’s long-haul carriers will return to serving destinations throughout Asia and the Indo-Pacific from Australian airports. Australians are helping plan, design and build the infrastructure that will sustain the aviation industries of the region through the 21st century. Australia provides the ideal operational and regulatory environment for pilot training and is widely recognised as a global hub for airsport and recreational flying.