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AVALON 2023 Innovation PROGRAM

Welcome to the AVALON 2023 Innovation Program. This exciting initiative is designed to encourage and reward innovation by Australian companies, research institutions and individuals.

The Innovation Program is driven by the AMDA Foundation’s altruistic purpose: to promote the development of aviation and Australia’s industrial, manufacturing and information/communications technology resources in the fields of aviation, space, aerospace, maritime, defence and security.

At AVALON 2023 the Innovation Program will have two main thrusts: the Innovation Awards and the Pitchfest. Entries for these two events will open closer to the event, so please continue to join our mailing list to be informed here.


These Awards were launched in 2012 and the AMDA Foundation has now presented $425,000 worth of SME Innovation Awards and Young Innovator Awards.

There will be three Innovation Awards for space, aerospace and aviation innovators:

  • AVALON 2023 National Innovation Award
  • AVALON 2023 SME Innovation Award
  • AVALON 2023 Young Innovator Award

The SME Innovation Award and Young Innovator Award are worth $15,000 each.

The Judges also have the right to Award a High Commendation to other entries in each category considered strong enough to be a winner or a very close runner-up.


The Pitchfest is a very popular part of the Innovation program at each of our events. ‘Pitchers’ are selected from DST, Industry and the research and academic sector to deliver an elevator pitch to a mixed audience of potential partners, customers and venture capital funding sources.

The pitchers are trained to deliver a succinct and compelling presentation and prizes are awarded in three categories:

  • Best Overall Pitch
  • Best Overall Innovation
  • Most Relevant to the Aerospace Domain

The Innovation Pitchfest is organised by the Defence Science Institute (DSI) in Melbourne.

For further information please contact:

Gregor Ferguson
Executive Manager Innovation and Industry Engagement
AMDA Foundation Limited
PO Box 4095

Tel: +61 (0)414 803 717